Searching for an affordable interpreter for a community event?

* Looking for a way to make your performance accessible to the Deaf community? 

* Giving a lecture or teaching a class, & have a Deaf person interested in attending?

PDX Loves Signing, LLC is your answer

(This is not an agency, I am a freelance interpreter)

Carissa Martos has a B.A. in English from the Universigraduate student at Western Oregon University in the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Education program, working toward her Master's Degree in DHH Education. 

She completed a year of an AA Interpreter training program before leaving and independently beginning to work with mentors (both Deaf and hearing) and take workshops in an attempt to find the knowledge she needed in a way that best fit her needs.  Carissa has spent time volunteering at both her local Deaf schools, in Ghana, and in the community.

She holds a Board of Interpreter Evaluators (BEI) Basic certification, has passed the knowledge portion of EIPA, and has a current performance score of 3.8, enabling her to work in both Oregon and Washington schools.  She has also passed the knowledge portion of the NIC exam. She currently works as a freelance interpreter while maintaining a heavy academic course-load and working full-time as a Teacher of the Deaf.

Carissa is also a mother, advocate, artist and the past Academy Outreach Coordinator for the Signing Time Foundation.

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Simply select "Interpreting Services" from the menu, for the best way to contact her.  If you would like more information about Carissa personally, click "Get To Know Carissa".  You can also read about her trip to Andrew Foster's Deaf school in Ghana, West Africa.

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